Friday, 24 October 2014

The haunted well in canacona

What i am going to narrate to you all is a true incident occurred in 2008 involving my friend and one of her relative.
So this is what happened. It was on the eve of her uncle's marriage , the HALDI sambharam day. Her house is located just about 1km from her uncles house. So after finishing all the activities some of them decided to go and stay at her house since uncles house was too crowded. Some of them took their bikes and as it was not possible for all to ride on the bikes , my frd and one of her relative volunteered to walk. They also told them not to come back to pick us up.
It was already 1:00 am and they started to walk after a exhausting day. There is this stretch of road where on the side there are lots of thick bushes. As soon as they reached there she saw a very clear movement in the bushes. She just gave a look in that direction and thought it was just a dog or something and continued to walk the talk about girls and other stuff. They walked a few more steps and she could hear foot steps as if someone was following them. She looked back but there was no one there. They hardly took a few more steps and she could clearly hear the sound of steps very near and she also felt slight sensation on her back. Both of them looked back at once at the same time, and again NO ONE, not even a dog, not even a leaf, not even a stone on the road and no breeze blowing at all. Believe me guys it was clear sound of foot steps both of them heard. But they didnt talk about it at all and were not scared a bit. But clearly something was wrong about that moment. They just stopped talking about girls and about the uncles marriage. The whole environment had become totally negative. Anyways they continued to walk and reached home.
Next day at the wedding hall she narrated the incident and the place of occurrence to here grandmother and she was surprised to hear " what, she came after u people ". She asked her what and whom is she talking about. She was shocked and terrified to hear that there was a well at that place and a young girl had committed suicide in that well. Whole day she and her other relative just couldnt concentrate and have fun at the wedding.
I dont know if it was really the ghost of that girl but one thing is very clear, both of them clearly heard sound of footsteps. Even today she very very clearly remember the dragging sound of the foot steps and it sends a chill down her spine.

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