Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Old Borim Bridge, Goa, India

This incident happened to one of my friend,Navin in December 2011 , He is resident of Fatorpa.One day Navin and  his 2 friends nagesh and ramesh were coming from ponda to margao
at late night 2.00 am by car , they had some work in ponda, while they were coming from ponda to margao they reached the borim bridge
It was 2.30 a.m they were feeling sleepy and tired, one of his
friend ramesh was seating at back seat of the car and Navin and his friend nagesh was seating in front seat , suddenly at
borim bridge they saw a lady running from one side to other side of the bridge and they thought that she is mad or drunk so
they did not come out of the car, they were not believing much in
ghost that time so they thought that she is mad they also looked at her feet but everything was ok she just looked like a mad lady she was not looking like a ghost in any
angle ( no white dress her legs were straight etc).

Suddenly she stopped in the middle of the road and started crying loudly they got scared that time , they waited for
some time to see if she is really mad or something else but din'tcome out of the car. After some time suddenly she kept quite and starter running again .
This time she was not running from one side to another but this time she ran and jumped from the bridge , that time my
Friend and his friend all came out of the car and went to see her, but what happened is there was no sound of water or someone drowning  every thing was really ok and fine , that time they
said ''something is wrong with this place'' and they were now extremely scared they started their car and moved from there

Suddenly after crossing the bridge Ramesh ( one who was siting behind ) saw the same lady next to him
crying without making sound but my friend and nagesh dint know nothing about it , Ramesh shouted loudly, Navin and nagesh asked him what happened ? what happened ? he started
crying and din't speak a single word, Nagesh told him to sleep and they went home and slept at my friend's place.
Next day Ramesh got high fever but later he became alright.

The Old Borim bridge is one of the haunted place in goa. They say you must not travel on that brigde after mid-night.


  1. I have heard many people talking about these type of incidents and this incident that you have posted is too scary.

  2. hey dats scary.... I woud nvr travel dr at midnyt... woud b nyc if you coud post sum mre haunted places in goa....

  3. i had heard about the borim bridge as haunted place in Goa,its very risky and scary to travel at night specially many people commited suicide by jumping from bridge.

  4. I live in ponda durgabhat, yes, that place has paranormal activity, and even that farmagudi road is very bad at night

  5. For the past 2 years I have been travelling from kundaim to margao after midnight.. Never experienced any paranormal activity.

  6. So you mean ghosts come only at night? When it is night time in goa, it is day time somewhere else on the earth.. So do you mean ghosts are local to a particular area?
    Who has put this restriction on the ghosts to show themself only at night?
    I too believe in ghosts but i dont bileive that they show up only at night...
    Illogical to think that way

    1. Ghost is an illusion that has been created by our own scary mind and they become real and scared us.