Friday, 24 October 2014

Haunted resort in south goa

This experience is dated nearly 2 years back in December. My friend and her husband had been to Goa for their vacation. They were staying in a 5-star resort in south Goa with a private beach of their own. I will not be disclosing the name of the resort for obvious reasons.

The time she entered this room she had a different cold feeling but she ignored it thinking it's the temperature controller's problem. She decided to freshen up immediately after reaching and her husband went in to the balcony for a smoke. He closed the big glass door before smoking so that the smoke would not come in the room as she hated the smoke.

She was in the bathroom washing her face. When she was applying her face wash, the lights went off. She did not get scared at that time. Then she heard the big glass door being opened up and some one walking in. She assumed it's her husband. The footsteps neared the corridor of the bathroom and stopped. She waited for him to come inside but he did not. Then she suddenly started getting that cold and sick feeling and goosebumps on her neck. She got so scared and shouted with her husband's name loudly as much as possible.

The moment she shouted, the lights were back. She washed her face and ran out in the verandah. Her husband was peacefully having his smoke. She asked him whether he had come in, but he said he hadn't moved from his chair at all. Then she asked him if the lights had gone out just now and he got even more confused. She told him what she experienced. He said she was over thinking and made her relax.

Their room used to turn unexplainably cold even after turning the room temperature controller to hot. She tried turning the controller itself hot so that the room would become hot and stuffy. But this also did not help. Their room would turn so cold that even 2 big and thick blankets would not stop us from shivering.

She always felt someone watching them from the corridor of their room. She did not share this with her husband then thinking he would get scared because he is a bit scared of these things. They would spend most of time outside and go in their room only late night.

The day they left Goa and they were plane, she confronted him with her experience there and to her surprise he said that he also was feeling the same there but didn't tell her so that she would not be scared. Then she remembered how he used to force herto stay outdoors most of the time and spend least time in their rooms.

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