Thursday, 30 October 2014

dhdem - sanvordem sanguem .

Location:- dhdem (sanvordem ) sanguem taluka
Hi guys today's story is told by one of my cousin

This story is of a poder(bread seller) There is a small village in sanguem taluka called Dhadyar (Dhadem) . In that village one poder (Breadseller) use to come to sell the bread daily many people were taking bread from him as it is a village area and there are not much shop in that area so people take bread from poders at evening and morning time
That poder was knowing most of the village people who use to take bread daily from him
There is one railway bridge near that village where many people are dead and it is said that that bridge is haunted many of the people have seen ghost on that bridge
One incident of that bridge :-
(((((((((Not related to story))))))))))) incident :- one day my aunty and her friend was coming from the bridge walking in the middle of the track she heard the sound of train coming towards them (fake sound) and she saw train coming at a very fast speed but her friend dint saw anything. she pulled her friend and they jumped on the right side of the track actually there was no train .what she saw was unbelievable her friend said “are you mad y you pulled me ? she then said that she saw a train coming at very fast speed )))))))))))))))))many such incident took place there )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Now back the story that poder which I was talking about one day while crossing down from the bridge he saw one lady asking for bread
1st day:-She asked for 3 bread. poder gave her and she said (aata paishe na falya dita ) I don’t have money now I’ll pay you tomorrow
2nd day: - again he met that lady at same place she again took 3 bread and again same thing she said that she don’t have money she will pay 2moro
All this kept on going for many days . One day that the owner of bakery asked that poder that “when she will pay money ? Like this we will go in loss”
Next day poder asked her ( tu khai raavta aani tu paishe kenna ditli ?) where you stay and when you will give money ?
She said hanga lagit ravta hav ( I stay here closeby ) don’t wry ill pay you soon
From that day onward that poder din saw here there , after that she never came there he was confuse And was angry on her
Than what he did is he asked some of the village people about that lady but every1 was confuse she dint even told her name to him poder was unable to find her
One day he saw same lady jumping from the bridge but he saw that nothing fell in water. Than next day he told all this to the village people about that lady, than one of the villager said “few weeks back one lady jumped from the bridge and died are you talking about that lady ? when you saw her ?” poder said some days back. That man replied” but she died 1 month back how can she take bread from you all this days ?”

After this poder got really scared ……………………… while going form that way that lady scared him and entered into his body ………………………………………………..

And troubled him for many days ……………………but after some days that poder died in the hospital
This is true story from dhdem

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