Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dead or alive???

 The story i am gonna reveal, was actually told to me by my friend couple of years back. I don't know if its true or false but it was interesting so here it goes.

It happened in Gec's hostel. Exams were just a week ahead and it was Sunday so only few was there in hostel. Some went home while others were busy with books. There were three close friends ( i  dont remember their names). They were in the same class so they use to study together. Two shared a  same room while one was living just few blocks away from them with a fresher. The fresher was never seen in hostel as seniors use to bully him. Both had their lunch and took a nap for few minutes and got up when they heard the other friend of theirs  (Lets call him sameer just to avoid confusion) banging their door. After few bad words & arguments they all removed their books and started discussing about their subject. It was 3 pm, Randy (fake name to avoid confusion) set on the bed, Kevin (made up name) was on the other bed and Sameer was sitting on a chair in the corner. They pasued in between and then resumed studying until Sameer got up and told them that he cant concentrate so he is going in his room.

Randy and kevin were studying and few minuts later they opened same other subjects which had numerical problems and stuff. I dint mean to say they continously studiedbwhole time. Just try and understand an enginerring student, they can never study for more than 30 mins They might have laughed and stuff but the main thing is they never left their room.

It was 9 pm, Randy and kevin cooked something and Randy went to Sameer's room to call him for dinner. Sameer's door was not locked and the lights were off. Randy pushed the door, it was little dark so he went towards the light switch. He called Sameer but he did not reply. As he switched on the light he just couldnt believe his eyes. Sameer had hanged himself. Randy ran screaming from the corridor and came to Kevin but he couldnt utter a word because of shock and fear. Kevin told him to calm down but he holded kevin's hand n pulled him n ran towards Sameer's room. He could only say "Sameer hanged himself" but his tone was confusing so Kevin couldnt undertand. All students who were present came running including security guard and saw Sameer's body. Nobody touched it since police were on their way to hostel.

The surrounding of the rooom was creepy. There was a circle of steel of about 1 mtr diameter at the center of the floor and into that there was a star probably welded to it by its 5 edges. There were 4-5 weird looking black dolls and only 3 were pinned by niddle on the edge of the star. Two were kept aside with red Kumkuma (Kumkuma is a powder used for social or religious marking ) on their forehead. On the walls there were charts and diagrams which had no freaking relation with Engineering and the room was as weird and creepy as graveyard. Anybody could easily say that it was an act of black magic or maybe it was a set up to interect with ghost or evil spirits.

Kevin and Randy was stunned, they knew Sameer from more than a year but they had never seen this side of Sameer. The Dead body was taken for post-mortem immediately after police arrived and they interrogated almost everybody and went from there after few hours of examination of room and the surrounding. His room was sealed. It was a long silent night for kevin and Randy. Police had started their investigation and they suspected everybody. They found weird Books on Spirit Communication and Past Lives and many other things which made it clear that Sameer was into smething evil. Two days later police came back and told everybody that according to post-mortem report,Sameer's death was an act of suicide and he comitted suicide in between 3 to 4 p.m but police couldnt understand the reason behind suicide.

Randy and kevin was shocked because at 3 pm sameer had come in their room and he left at 7pm. They told police about it in their statement but police was in a hurry to shut the case. Almost everybody knew that something supernatural happened in Sameer's room and maybe out of fear or something rediculus, Sameer took this drastic step. Nobody could understand anything about the set up, Sameer's reason behind suicide and his presence in Randy"s room after his actual death. Police did the counter-checking of post-mortem report becuase of Randy n Kevin's statement but doctors were sure about their report and believed his death time was in between 3-4 pm. Randy and kevin were in a shock and they never stayed in hostel after that night because they were in a fear that Sameer might again show his presence to them.

Guys this was told to me by my friend and i tried my best to share exactly what he told me.

Paranormal Activity : Harmful Belief?

A look into paranormal activities may reveal that beliefs and participation into paranormal phenomena is thought to be harmless to some but to others it can be harmful. For many years, people have been skeptical on believing that there may very well be “things that go bump in the night,” as we were told as children to make us scared. Ghost stories,  and those very scary haunting movies, are the very thing that wants to make people “want to know”. Is the belief of paranormal phenomena harmful or harmless as a past time? Paranormal is interesting and some said that believing in paranormal phenomenon is considered to be “devil worshiping”. 
Belief in Paranormal Activity is like believing in superstitions. Some you may fall for, but some you may shrug them off.

 The movie, “Paranormal Activity (2010)” was based on a couple hearing strange noises in their home. The boyfriend went out, bought a video recorder to begin filming the strange activities in their home. The girlfriend was the skeptical one, while the boyfriend, the one who was deeply interested to know if it was “paranormal activity”, was the one killed at the end of the movie. Now, this movie was not based on true events, but it had me believing that it was. The answer is yes. Although this was a fictional movie, the boyfriend died because of his interest into the supernatural being that was in his home, it was assumed that the girlfriend had become possessed.

Many skeptics want to believe that practicing or engaging in such activities is harmful. Example, exorcisms. Exorcism is a religious practice of evicting demons from people believed to be in possession of demons. The movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, was based on a true story of women who was believed to be in possession of a demon and while being exorcised, died.  Although Ms. Michel died from dehydration and malnutrition, many believed that she was in fact possessed by demons and that her parent’s beliefs in the supernatural phenomena may have caused her death. Once again proving that the belief in this paranormal phenomenon is very dangerous to the people who believe. The Director of this film also suffered a heart attack while watching this film and after the movie shooting the lead actress also passed away soon after the release.
In the light of psychology, paranormal beliefs are often labeled as a mental illness. But some of these beliefs have led to suicide, murder and even cause people to harm themselves physically.
In conclusion, some people live their life looking for answers, they want to know and believe in something. There is nothing wrong with that, but be careful on what you want to believe in, as many things can be harmful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Paranormal is everything that is not “normal”. Belief in it maybe harmful to a person and to those around them.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Haunted house

Hey friends , i wanna share a incident which happened to one of  my cousin (residing at pernem) , with you all.

Every day around 3pm my cousin  and her friend aarti, used to go for tution classes walking . Tution classes was just a kilometer away from her house.Their  classes used to get  over by 5pm in the evening.

While going to the tution classes and coming back home, they had to cross the field. And just close to the field there was a old portuguese style house, which is always locked.
One day while returning from the tution, my cousin told aarti to click her photos near that house, just for uploding it on facebook and began with it.  It was around 6pm so it was getting darker so  decieded to leave that place, but suddenly they heard someone whispering  from inside the window.  My cousin asked aarti (her friend) "Did you heard the voice?"

   she said: " yes!! i think someone is inside the house"

 M y cousin and aarti  decieded to peep inside the window to see who it was..

Inside the room it was dark, they  couldnt see anything so she removed her cell for torch light.

she moved the torch light to find the source of sound.

The room was dirty. The walls had black-brown coloured stains . The most weird thing was that there was a stinking smell as if something has rotten there.

As she was moving the torch she felt something moved,so she moved the torch light there. It was the corner of the room and could see somebody sitting.

 They both were very scared. Her  body had turned cold and couldnt utter a word,and  aarti  was sweating.

 They  decide to move from that place. As they turned to move, they could hear that whispering sound again . So they turned back and put the torch light directly in that corner .

They could make out that somebody was a girl,but, this time she was standing, facing towards the wall. The smell was getting unbearable . With fear she (cousin) said "yuk!!! Kaslo go vass!!!

And she turned her face towards them ,her face was like dead with no expressions at all, her face was looking oily. She looked pale. Blood dripping out her mouth .
Suddenly she fell, and started crawling towards them. They started running from there as fast as they could . Aarti was unable to talk.

They reached home and told everything to her mother. After that incident they never went near house and left the tutions too......

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Scary chorla ghat Road trip

Today i wanna share something paranormal which happend to one of my friend at chorla  ghat, with you all. This incident took place last year in july. My friend had some work at Belgaum so he had gone there and there it became late. At 23:00  he left from there to return to Goa and reached chorla ghat on the way. It  wasn’t  his first time to travel so late as Goa to Belgaum was his daily routine. It was pleasant foggy and drizzling  and the view was simply amazing. He got down from his car at Goa – Karnataka border since he got a nature’s call.

In less than a minute he got into his car n turned the volume up of stereo to hear his favourite track and resumed his journey. Just after few minutes he  saw something shining in the bushes on the right side. There was fog so his parking lights of the car were on and he was driving slowly.

It was drizzling that time so he lowered his window to check. It was bright like a light bulb and it was far and high. As he halt his gaze to look in front,
he saw someone right in d middle of the road so he immediately hit the brakes.

(The music player stopped at that same moment)

It was a girl and he could see thick blue veins swelled through her wax paper skin. She was floated with ease with eyes as empty as the nothingness from which she came. Her hair was rippled in dark thick waves and the strands resembled the death of night. She wore a dark shirtdress kind of stuff with mud all over it.

so he  stopped his car just few feet’s away from her. His  heart was beating like a drum, eyes were wide open and whole body was numb. She was still there like a statue.

he was in a dilemma; either he could hit reverse gear or could just go through her without thinking about the consequences. After a short pause she opened her mouth wide enough to suck in d whole world and started crying out loud. Yes! She was crying with her mouth open and she sounded like a roaring lion.

 My friend was damn scared and he  couldn’t take it no more. In fear he closed his eyes and shifted first gear and went through her.

The car didn’t hit anything and her roaring hue and cry also stopped.

He didn’t look back and drove fast on curves. Thankfully that time reflecting lights were newly installed by the government. He could hear her cries and his mind was restless with her thoughts. Finally he reached home at around 1:45 am and since he was not feeling well,he was hospitalized.
Sometimes nature can haunt u just like a scary movie and my friend realized it that night.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New Moon night

This incident is about my friend's cousin who neither belived in god nor devil.She is well educated and from a middle class family. She never prayed to god. Her parents always forced her & kept on telling her that one day she wil realise god's prescence.. After passing a interview she had got a job in a factory which was located far from the residential area.

She was very happy with her work. It was just a random day where she had lot of work to be completed and she stayed late. As she finished her work, she moved out at 8:00 pm. She looked all around.There was nobody around, becoz sum of her collagues were working and some already went. All of a sudden she looked on top of the tree which was just close where she was standing. There she saw a black shadow of a contrasting background. With fear, she immediately ran from that place & she got a 9'clock bus to reach home safely. She had her dinner and just stood outside in the balcony for some fresh air. Her mother called her and said, "bhair kidyak ravla go bai, raatche bhair ravnaka.

She replied, "rao ge matchi. Kide jata bhair ravlyar??? Her mother scolded her, "begin gharan yeta khai na tu?? Yo go!!! Her mother reapetd 'bai yo go! And after saying 3rd time she entered. The girl went in quitely. Late night at around 2am that same girl started crying. Neighbours could hear her screaming and crying.They all gathered at their place.

Many described saying it was not just a cry as it was so scary that heartbeats of all present there had increased, they were getting chilling shock.

For moment the screams stopped every body was relaxed. But when suddenly her eye balls went on top and her eyes were totally white and she screamed saying, " Maka jolonaka, hao pai padta tumchya!!! Hao tacher khup mog karta .Maka jolonaka!!!! And she started screaming as if she was getting burnt !!!!
At around 3:30 she stopped and became unconscious. And directly woke up in morning. Some people went home and some family members stayed awake.

Everybody was very confused & scared because nobody could understand what was wrong.

Her mother and father were crying as she was their only daughter. Her mother went to her room to see her. She found her daughter sitting on the bed. Her mother asked her, "kite jala go bai'? To that she replied, "maa maka kide jata...Kai kalna" and she started vommiting very badly!!!!

She started crying saying, "maa majhya potan dukhta ge and aang jalta maje!!!!"

Her parents were scared and were crying & a old man from their neighbourhood from their village told them to go to a temple and talk to the bhatji and we shall call a doctor. Immediately bhatji and doctor came to their place.They made her sit and doctor asked her 'kite jata tuka??? she replied, "aang jalta ani potan dukhta..."
The doctor checked her body temperature.He found her BP, body temperature normal. He told her to go for other check ups. Bhatji just sat besides her and gave her prasad and vibuti from the temple. As the bhatji kept the prasad in her hand, she startd screaming again.... And her eye ball totally turned on top !!!! "Tu kityak yeyla re hanga??"

She said with very scary voice. He understood and told them to take her inside.

He told her mother to keep god's photo under her pillow and in her room and she did the same. The bhatji also instructed them not to let her go out till tommrow. Because the next day was amavasya. That night they all had a nice sleep because they thought that every thng was fine as she was feeling better. She removed all the pics of god from her room. She had become weak bcoz she was not eating any thing and ws jus purging.

It was next day amavasya night. She heared a tap on her window. She opened and found nobody outside. At night 2:00am she heard a girl crying. In the dim light (falling from the streets inside her room ) she saw that somebody was sitting on her cupboard... She was very frightened to realise that it was girl's cry. She was very scared. She ran into her parents room. She narratd what she saw. Suddenly she started screaming and shouting, "maka jolonaka....!!!!" They called the bhatji again at night. He came with rudraksh and he told her with strong voice, "tu jar hya chedvak sodna jalyar hao tuka kesak dharun devlan vhartalo !!!"

She again turned her eyes and said, "Tu kon re vharpi maka varpi??? Hao tuka jitte khatlen...."

He placed one rudhraksh on her hand. Before leving the girl's body the spirit said with a scary voice, "maka jalaille lokhani!!! Hao sachin naavachya chalyacher mog kartale. Dusrya jatiche mhanun lokhani maka jitte jalaile. Sachinak badovan tejya fudlyan maka jaile te somtech mele hav..!!!! Maje aang jaitale pun hya lokang maji kal kut yeuna..

Palovun hastale maka.!!
and she then said "ata hao tenka sodchina...."
And they all took the girl to the temple !!!! They did some rituals !!!! And then she was fine

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

NH-17 bambolim

This incident took place in may 2003 when my friend was 12 year old
that time , this is what happened to his dad when he
was coming from NH17 highway , my frirnds dad is a taxi
driver he works late night, so he was on duty on
airport. he was coming home after dropping his
customers on Goa airport,
(car- tata sumo)
that day was one of his worst day in life, he
frighted with his customer because of some fee
problem and that customer had come from Bombay
(Mumbai) it seems and was looking like he is a
trantrik (not sure if he was really a trantrik but he
was looking like a trantrik) he fired bad-words to
my friends dad and said many bad things to him, just
because he was not ready to reduce taxi fee.
when my friends dad was coming from the airport, he was angry
and was driving on 90 speed, it was 2 am at pilar
road ( near bambolim ) he saw something looking like
a human baby on the road and no 1 was there as soon
has he saw that baby he applied brakes and stopped
his car on 90 speed , he came out to look what is
that but what he saw there was just shocking, it was
just a peace of cloth (black color) and one lemon was
there on that cloth but his dad was damn sure about
what he saw then he told his son that he saw a baby and
also his legs and hand were moving
after that he set in the car and as soon as he set
and started the car what he saw was just
unbelievable ............ he saw a lady siting on the last
seat of his car and got scared by looking at her, she
was looking so horrible her sad face and saliva was
dropping from her mouth it seems and she was not
looking at his dad but was looking straight as if she
is thinking of something, his dad is strong hearted
person and this was his 3rd time he saw ghost but
this time he saw in his car, his dad said to her (((sad
face))) "haven tuka kire kela ? majya gadyetlyan
dev, paya padta " PLZ GO OUT OF MY CAR,
but that lady was not listning to him he took gods
name started the car he din look at back, he
speeded his car again at 90 and when he reached
siridao near that small old bridge he saw that lady
was not on the back seat but running side by side of
his car at same speed and this time she was looking
at him, his dad was more scared this time it was so
horrible looking her running at same speed but he din
stopped his car soon he reached near holy cross
church bambolim he stopped his car there and waited
and prayed to the god and after that he came home
safely ,
first he dint tell his family anything about that incident
because he din want them to get scared, he told them
everything next morning. My friend was not ready to believe his dad and thought he was just telling lies to scare him but after some days his dad
and mom took prasad at temple there their pandit
told them to do some puja at home
after that everything was ok believe me guys this is
true story you may think its fake the way i nattered
it but its a true story.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Three kings church

Three Kings Church, Goa, India

The three kings church is situated on the hills of the Cansulim village in the south Goa. This church is famous for the feast of the three kinds which is celebrated on the 6th of January of each year.
Three kings church is visited by local and even tourists as one can see a beautiful view of nature from there. According to local people this place is haunted and should not be visited after sunset or 7:00 PM. Long time ago, 3 Portuguese kings were living in Goa.They all wanted to gain power at any cost and could do anything thing to gain it. One day, King Holger Alvunger, one of the king had invited two other kings in the palace. He poisoned both of them and both died there. After some time he also committed suicide by consuming poison. Since then this place became one of the most haunted places in Goa. Few people say that you can hear some weird noise. Some also say that it looks bright if you go there at night.
There was an incident which one of my friend told me. There were 3 friends Pranav, rahul and Joel (this are not real names) who decided to meet up near the church at night around 8:00 PM. They all had some beers and smoked cigarettes and were just chatting. After sometime Rahul could hear some noise while other couldn’t. Suddenly Rahul was quiet and was acting a little weird started running here and there. Pranav and Joel were talking to Rahul but he was not responding to them. Just after few minutes Pranav and Joel started shivering they were feeling cold. So they decide to move from there. They carried Rahul put him in car and took him home. As they came down the hills they felt little better. But that night Rahul got high fever. Rahul’s parents called the doctor but still Rahul’s fever didn’t come down. There was a priest staying near Rahul’s house he said there was some evil spirit inside his body the priest performs some ritual and later Rahul became alright.