Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dona Paula Beach,Goa

Dona Paula is a former village, and tourist destination, in the suburbs of Panaji , Goa , India . The beach is named after Dona Paula de Menzes, daughter of a  Portuguese viceroy (in colonial India).

The romantic story of Dona Paula de
Menezes and her lover has been attached to the beach. Dona Paula who was the daughter of a viceroy in colonial days. She was refused permission to marry a local Goan fisherman, Gaspar Dias who loved her. So she threw herself from a nearby cliff. According to local legend, you may occasionally catch a glimpse of her on moonlight nights  walking in the waves wearing  a pearl necklace.

The Tomb of Dona Paula de Menezes is in the Cabo Chapel near Raj Bhawan (Government House).

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