Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dead or alive???

 The story i am gonna reveal, was actually told to me by my friend couple of years back. I don't know if its true or false but it was interesting so here it goes.

It happened in Gec's hostel. Exams were just a week ahead and it was Sunday so only few was there in hostel. Some went home while others were busy with books. There were three close friends ( i  dont remember their names). They were in the same class so they use to study together. Two shared a  same room while one was living just few blocks away from them with a fresher. The fresher was never seen in hostel as seniors use to bully him. Both had their lunch and took a nap for few minutes and got up when they heard the other friend of theirs  (Lets call him sameer just to avoid confusion) banging their door. After few bad words & arguments they all removed their books and started discussing about their subject. It was 3 pm, Randy (fake name to avoid confusion) set on the bed, Kevin (made up name) was on the other bed and Sameer was sitting on a chair in the corner. They pasued in between and then resumed studying until Sameer got up and told them that he cant concentrate so he is going in his room.

Randy and kevin were studying and few minuts later they opened same other subjects which had numerical problems and stuff. I dint mean to say they continously studiedbwhole time. Just try and understand an enginerring student, they can never study for more than 30 mins They might have laughed and stuff but the main thing is they never left their room.

It was 9 pm, Randy and kevin cooked something and Randy went to Sameer's room to call him for dinner. Sameer's door was not locked and the lights were off. Randy pushed the door, it was little dark so he went towards the light switch. He called Sameer but he did not reply. As he switched on the light he just couldnt believe his eyes. Sameer had hanged himself. Randy ran screaming from the corridor and came to Kevin but he couldnt utter a word because of shock and fear. Kevin told him to calm down but he holded kevin's hand n pulled him n ran towards Sameer's room. He could only say "Sameer hanged himself" but his tone was confusing so Kevin couldnt undertand. All students who were present came running including security guard and saw Sameer's body. Nobody touched it since police were on their way to hostel.

The surrounding of the rooom was creepy. There was a circle of steel of about 1 mtr diameter at the center of the floor and into that there was a star probably welded to it by its 5 edges. There were 4-5 weird looking black dolls and only 3 were pinned by niddle on the edge of the star. Two were kept aside with red Kumkuma (Kumkuma is a powder used for social or religious marking ) on their forehead. On the walls there were charts and diagrams which had no freaking relation with Engineering and the room was as weird and creepy as graveyard. Anybody could easily say that it was an act of black magic or maybe it was a set up to interect with ghost or evil spirits.

Kevin and Randy was stunned, they knew Sameer from more than a year but they had never seen this side of Sameer. The Dead body was taken for post-mortem immediately after police arrived and they interrogated almost everybody and went from there after few hours of examination of room and the surrounding. His room was sealed. It was a long silent night for kevin and Randy. Police had started their investigation and they suspected everybody. They found weird Books on Spirit Communication and Past Lives and many other things which made it clear that Sameer was into smething evil. Two days later police came back and told everybody that according to post-mortem report,Sameer's death was an act of suicide and he comitted suicide in between 3 to 4 p.m but police couldnt understand the reason behind suicide.

Randy and kevin was shocked because at 3 pm sameer had come in their room and he left at 7pm. They told police about it in their statement but police was in a hurry to shut the case. Almost everybody knew that something supernatural happened in Sameer's room and maybe out of fear or something rediculus, Sameer took this drastic step. Nobody could understand anything about the set up, Sameer's reason behind suicide and his presence in Randy"s room after his actual death. Police did the counter-checking of post-mortem report becuase of Randy n Kevin's statement but doctors were sure about their report and believed his death time was in between 3-4 pm. Randy and kevin were in a shock and they never stayed in hostel after that night because they were in a fear that Sameer might again show his presence to them.

Guys this was told to me by my friend and i tried my best to share exactly what he told me.

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