Sunday, 28 September 2014

Haunted house

Hey friends , i wanna share a incident which happened to one of  my cousin (residing at pernem) , with you all.

Every day around 3pm my cousin  and her friend aarti, used to go for tution classes walking . Tution classes was just a kilometer away from her house.Their  classes used to get  over by 5pm in the evening.

While going to the tution classes and coming back home, they had to cross the field. And just close to the field there was a old portuguese style house, which is always locked.
One day while returning from the tution, my cousin told aarti to click her photos near that house, just for uploding it on facebook and began with it.  It was around 6pm so it was getting darker so  decieded to leave that place, but suddenly they heard someone whispering  from inside the window.  My cousin asked aarti (her friend) "Did you heard the voice?"

   she said: " yes!! i think someone is inside the house"

 M y cousin and aarti  decieded to peep inside the window to see who it was..

Inside the room it was dark, they  couldnt see anything so she removed her cell for torch light.

she moved the torch light to find the source of sound.

The room was dirty. The walls had black-brown coloured stains . The most weird thing was that there was a stinking smell as if something has rotten there.

As she was moving the torch she felt something moved,so she moved the torch light there. It was the corner of the room and could see somebody sitting.

 They both were very scared. Her  body had turned cold and couldnt utter a word,and  aarti  was sweating.

 They  decide to move from that place. As they turned to move, they could hear that whispering sound again . So they turned back and put the torch light directly in that corner .

They could make out that somebody was a girl,but, this time she was standing, facing towards the wall. The smell was getting unbearable . With fear she (cousin) said "yuk!!! Kaslo go vass!!!

And she turned her face towards them ,her face was like dead with no expressions at all, her face was looking oily. She looked pale. Blood dripping out her mouth .
Suddenly she fell, and started crawling towards them. They started running from there as fast as they could . Aarti was unable to talk.

They reached home and told everything to her mother. After that incident they never went near house and left the tutions too......

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  1. I feel portuguese houses are haunted.. we should nt go near such places..especially when d house is locked from years .I like this post...