Tuesday, 9 September 2014

NH-17 bambolim

This incident took place in may 2003 when my friend was 12 year old
that time , this is what happened to his dad when he
was coming from NH17 highway , my frirnds dad is a taxi
driver he works late night, so he was on duty on
airport. he was coming home after dropping his
customers on Goa airport,
(car- tata sumo)
that day was one of his worst day in life, he
frighted with his customer because of some fee
problem and that customer had come from Bombay
(Mumbai) it seems and was looking like he is a
trantrik (not sure if he was really a trantrik but he
was looking like a trantrik) he fired bad-words to
my friends dad and said many bad things to him, just
because he was not ready to reduce taxi fee.
when my friends dad was coming from the airport, he was angry
and was driving on 90 speed, it was 2 am at pilar
road ( near bambolim ) he saw something looking like
a human baby on the road and no 1 was there as soon
has he saw that baby he applied brakes and stopped
his car on 90 speed , he came out to look what is
that but what he saw there was just shocking, it was
just a peace of cloth (black color) and one lemon was
there on that cloth but his dad was damn sure about
what he saw then he told his son that he saw a baby and
also his legs and hand were moving
after that he set in the car and as soon as he set
and started the car what he saw was just
unbelievable ............ he saw a lady siting on the last
seat of his car and got scared by looking at her, she
was looking so horrible her sad face and saliva was
dropping from her mouth it seems and she was not
looking at his dad but was looking straight as if she
is thinking of something, his dad is strong hearted
person and this was his 3rd time he saw ghost but
this time he saw in his car, his dad said to her (((sad
face))) "haven tuka kire kela ? majya gadyetlyan
dev, paya padta " PLZ GO OUT OF MY CAR,
but that lady was not listning to him he took gods
name started the car he din look at back, he
speeded his car again at 90 and when he reached
siridao near that small old bridge he saw that lady
was not on the back seat but running side by side of
his car at same speed and this time she was looking
at him, his dad was more scared this time it was so
horrible looking her running at same speed but he din
stopped his car soon he reached near holy cross
church bambolim he stopped his car there and waited
and prayed to the god and after that he came home
safely ,
first he dint tell his family anything about that incident
because he din want them to get scared, he told them
everything next morning. My friend was not ready to believe his dad and thought he was just telling lies to scare him but after some days his dad
and mom took prasad at temple there their pandit
told them to do some puja at home
after that everything was ok believe me guys this is
true story you may think its fake the way i nattered
it but its a true story.

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