Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New Moon night

This incident is about my friend's cousin who neither belived in god nor devil.She is well educated and from a middle class family. She never prayed to god. Her parents always forced her & kept on telling her that one day she wil realise god's prescence.. After passing a interview she had got a job in a factory which was located far from the residential area.

She was very happy with her work. It was just a random day where she had lot of work to be completed and she stayed late. As she finished her work, she moved out at 8:00 pm. She looked all around.There was nobody around, becoz sum of her collagues were working and some already went. All of a sudden she looked on top of the tree which was just close where she was standing. There she saw a black shadow of a contrasting background. With fear, she immediately ran from that place & she got a 9'clock bus to reach home safely. She had her dinner and just stood outside in the balcony for some fresh air. Her mother called her and said, "bhair kidyak ravla go bai, raatche bhair ravnaka.

She replied, "rao ge matchi. Kide jata bhair ravlyar??? Her mother scolded her, "begin gharan yeta khai na tu?? Yo go!!! Her mother reapetd 'bai yo go! And after saying 3rd time she entered. The girl went in quitely. Late night at around 2am that same girl started crying. Neighbours could hear her screaming and crying.They all gathered at their place.

Many described saying it was not just a cry as it was so scary that heartbeats of all present there had increased, they were getting chilling shock.

For moment the screams stopped every body was relaxed. But when suddenly her eye balls went on top and her eyes were totally white and she screamed saying, " Maka jolonaka, hao pai padta tumchya!!! Hao tacher khup mog karta .Maka jolonaka!!!! And she started screaming as if she was getting burnt !!!!
At around 3:30 she stopped and became unconscious. And directly woke up in morning. Some people went home and some family members stayed awake.

Everybody was very confused & scared because nobody could understand what was wrong.

Her mother and father were crying as she was their only daughter. Her mother went to her room to see her. She found her daughter sitting on the bed. Her mother asked her, "kite jala go bai'? To that she replied, "maa maka kide jata...Kai kalna" and she started vommiting very badly!!!!

She started crying saying, "maa majhya potan dukhta ge and aang jalta maje!!!!"

Her parents were scared and were crying & a old man from their neighbourhood from their village told them to go to a temple and talk to the bhatji and we shall call a doctor. Immediately bhatji and doctor came to their place.They made her sit and doctor asked her 'kite jata tuka??? she replied, "aang jalta ani potan dukhta..."
The doctor checked her body temperature.He found her BP, body temperature normal. He told her to go for other check ups. Bhatji just sat besides her and gave her prasad and vibuti from the temple. As the bhatji kept the prasad in her hand, she startd screaming again.... And her eye ball totally turned on top !!!! "Tu kityak yeyla re hanga??"

She said with very scary voice. He understood and told them to take her inside.

He told her mother to keep god's photo under her pillow and in her room and she did the same. The bhatji also instructed them not to let her go out till tommrow. Because the next day was amavasya. That night they all had a nice sleep because they thought that every thng was fine as she was feeling better. She removed all the pics of god from her room. She had become weak bcoz she was not eating any thing and ws jus purging.

It was next day amavasya night. She heared a tap on her window. She opened and found nobody outside. At night 2:00am she heard a girl crying. In the dim light (falling from the streets inside her room ) she saw that somebody was sitting on her cupboard... She was very frightened to realise that it was girl's cry. She was very scared. She ran into her parents room. She narratd what she saw. Suddenly she started screaming and shouting, "maka jolonaka....!!!!" They called the bhatji again at night. He came with rudraksh and he told her with strong voice, "tu jar hya chedvak sodna jalyar hao tuka kesak dharun devlan vhartalo !!!"

She again turned her eyes and said, "Tu kon re vharpi maka varpi??? Hao tuka jitte khatlen...."

He placed one rudhraksh on her hand. Before leving the girl's body the spirit said with a scary voice, "maka jalaille lokhani!!! Hao sachin naavachya chalyacher mog kartale. Dusrya jatiche mhanun lokhani maka jitte jalaile. Sachinak badovan tejya fudlyan maka jaile te somtech mele hav..!!!! Maje aang jaitale pun hya lokang maji kal kut yeuna..

Palovun hastale maka.!!
and she then said "ata hao tenka sodchina...."
And they all took the girl to the temple !!!! They did some rituals !!!! And then she was fine

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