Thursday, 11 September 2014

Scary chorla ghat Road trip

Today i wanna share something paranormal which happend to one of my friend at chorla  ghat, with you all. This incident took place last year in july. My friend had some work at Belgaum so he had gone there and there it became late. At 23:00  he left from there to return to Goa and reached chorla ghat on the way. It  wasn’t  his first time to travel so late as Goa to Belgaum was his daily routine. It was pleasant foggy and drizzling  and the view was simply amazing. He got down from his car at Goa – Karnataka border since he got a nature’s call.

In less than a minute he got into his car n turned the volume up of stereo to hear his favourite track and resumed his journey. Just after few minutes he  saw something shining in the bushes on the right side. There was fog so his parking lights of the car were on and he was driving slowly.

It was drizzling that time so he lowered his window to check. It was bright like a light bulb and it was far and high. As he halt his gaze to look in front,
he saw someone right in d middle of the road so he immediately hit the brakes.

(The music player stopped at that same moment)

It was a girl and he could see thick blue veins swelled through her wax paper skin. She was floated with ease with eyes as empty as the nothingness from which she came. Her hair was rippled in dark thick waves and the strands resembled the death of night. She wore a dark shirtdress kind of stuff with mud all over it.

so he  stopped his car just few feet’s away from her. His  heart was beating like a drum, eyes were wide open and whole body was numb. She was still there like a statue.

he was in a dilemma; either he could hit reverse gear or could just go through her without thinking about the consequences. After a short pause she opened her mouth wide enough to suck in d whole world and started crying out loud. Yes! She was crying with her mouth open and she sounded like a roaring lion.

 My friend was damn scared and he  couldn’t take it no more. In fear he closed his eyes and shifted first gear and went through her.

The car didn’t hit anything and her roaring hue and cry also stopped.

He didn’t look back and drove fast on curves. Thankfully that time reflecting lights were newly installed by the government. He could hear her cries and his mind was restless with her thoughts. Finally he reached home at around 1:45 am and since he was not feeling well,he was hospitalized.
Sometimes nature can haunt u just like a scary movie and my friend realized it that night.


  1. It was his through personal experience nw he will not travel late night ��

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