Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Paranormal Activity : Harmful Belief?

A look into paranormal activities may reveal that beliefs and participation into paranormal phenomena is thought to be harmless to some but to others it can be harmful. For many years, people have been skeptical on believing that there may very well be “things that go bump in the night,” as we were told as children to make us scared. Ghost stories,  and those very scary haunting movies, are the very thing that wants to make people “want to know”. Is the belief of paranormal phenomena harmful or harmless as a past time? Paranormal is interesting and some said that believing in paranormal phenomenon is considered to be “devil worshiping”. 
Belief in Paranormal Activity is like believing in superstitions. Some you may fall for, but some you may shrug them off.

 The movie, “Paranormal Activity (2010)” was based on a couple hearing strange noises in their home. The boyfriend went out, bought a video recorder to begin filming the strange activities in their home. The girlfriend was the skeptical one, while the boyfriend, the one who was deeply interested to know if it was “paranormal activity”, was the one killed at the end of the movie. Now, this movie was not based on true events, but it had me believing that it was. The answer is yes. Although this was a fictional movie, the boyfriend died because of his interest into the supernatural being that was in his home, it was assumed that the girlfriend had become possessed.

Many skeptics want to believe that practicing or engaging in such activities is harmful. Example, exorcisms. Exorcism is a religious practice of evicting demons from people believed to be in possession of demons. The movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, was based on a true story of women who was believed to be in possession of a demon and while being exorcised, died.  Although Ms. Michel died from dehydration and malnutrition, many believed that she was in fact possessed by demons and that her parent’s beliefs in the supernatural phenomena may have caused her death. Once again proving that the belief in this paranormal phenomenon is very dangerous to the people who believe. The Director of this film also suffered a heart attack while watching this film and after the movie shooting the lead actress also passed away soon after the release.
In the light of psychology, paranormal beliefs are often labeled as a mental illness. But some of these beliefs have led to suicide, murder and even cause people to harm themselves physically.
In conclusion, some people live their life looking for answers, they want to know and believe in something. There is nothing wrong with that, but be careful on what you want to believe in, as many things can be harmful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Paranormal is everything that is not “normal”. Belief in it maybe harmful to a person and to those around them.

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  1. It is harmful if u get really carried away with paranormal activities. Its not like unusual things don't happen but if a person is brave enough to face it it wouldn't be harmful to him